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The smartest way to golf
What is CrossGolf App ? Simple, it’s an APP at the service of golf professionals and schools

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The smartest way to golf

CrossGolf App is a Swiss start-up that aims to make the practice of golf more dynamic and accessible to all! Like the famous Airbnb application, CrossGolf App is a platform that connects professionals and players wishing to book a golf lesson. Thanks to CrossGolf App, playing golf has never been so easy.


With CrossGolf App you are in control: thanks to your pro account you can manage your customers, your offers and reservations

  • Ultra-intuitive application: your customers book online, we update your schedule, you teach
  • Flexibility: schedule your absences, appointments and lessons centrally for your different work locations
  • Increase the visibility of your offer: display the lessons and packages offered in your different work locations
  • Save time: the app takes care of sending order confirmations, appointment reminders and all the usual expensive communications
  • Available on all media: PC, tablet, smartphone


  • Quick overview of essential customer information: choose what information to request from your customers when they sign up via our customizable profile
  • Manage your database: create customer lists in a few clicks and share them with your colleagues
  • Make life easier for yourself and your customers: target your customers with customized promotional offers and allow your customers to redeem their favorite packages through the purchase history
  • Communicate directly with your customers: contact your customers in real time with the in-app chat


  • Analyze your financial performance: follow the evolution of your financial situation and the results of your activity thanks to reporting system
  • Customize your reporting: choose the performance indicators you wish to display
  • Control your compensation payments: easily measure the amount of droits de tapis and/or percentages to be paid to the golfs that you work with
  • Manage your finance: select the priority information for the management of your academy, know who has already paid and who still has to pay
  • Easy schedules access: follow the activity of your pros and know their availability


  • Online or on site: choose your preferred payment method for each client
  • End-to-end secure payment: online transactions optimized for credit card payment and soon Twint


  • Generate custom offers: create custom offers with our flexible creation options
  • Create your own Packages: Easily create course packages for the duration of your choice
  • Offer promotions or discounts: choose between a percentage discount or a direct discount from a certain amount to promote your courses
  • Easy communication of your promotions / discounts: the App automatically generates codes and sends them via email notification to your customers
  • Take advantage of our network: offer your services to all members registered on the app
  • Increase your visibility: guarantee the visibility of your services in the golf world
  • Synchronize your calendars: choose an automatic synchronization with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar in “one-way sync” or “Two-way sync”

Golf overview

Many consider golf to be a sport reserved for an elite. It is often associated with a very traditional and closed environment that is no longer completely in line with the new generation of golfers.

In recent years, we have seen a steady decline in the number of private lesson. People have less and less time available to play golf and clubs are having difficulty finding new players.

The lack of a quick and easy booking solution is still a major difficulty for beginners.

for clients

  • No easy way to book and pay for lessons
  • Price is a concern for new golfers
  • Golf clubs and academies struggle to advertise golf lessons
  • Customers struggle to find clear information on how to start playing

for golf and academy

  • Decrease in private lessons sales
  • False beliefs about golf
  • No easy way to manage bookings, trips, salaries, offers etc …
  • Limited visibility
  • Difficulty in seeking new customers


An App that facilitates access to golf by connecting customers and professionals in a simple and efficient way.

Quick and easy booking of golf lessons

Efficient and convenient management of the agenda and finances

Democratization of golf and opening to new players

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Book your trips


Book a physician


Book a coach


Book a yoga class

Our mission

  • Make golf more accessible and attractive
  • Attract a new audience
  • Revitalize clubs and and golf lessons
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Facilitate the life of golf professionals by allowing them to focus on the sport


  • Complete management solution for industry professionals and clubs
  • Easy to use
  • Database and customer profiles
  • One-to-one marketing
  • 24h/24 support

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